little lilly



i created little Lilly for my short film. the film is about a child prodigy, who loves ice cream. when brawn obstructs her passion for ice cream, Lilly decides to show the world what her brain is capable of. she is a messy, wacky, clumsy girl who dresses shabbily, and usually wears oversized clothes because she is too 'little'.

support characters - i decided to make some quick designs of characters that fit in the same world as lilly.

here are some process pictures and early explorations for little lilly.

a giant blob of thick, curly, messy hair was lilly's most prominent characteristic. it was an absolute must to portray her character as a mad scientist. i had to experiment a lot with different hairstyles, in order to achieve the perfect look. my main inspiration was Merida from Brave. but i wanted to achieve the same hairstyle in a cartoony art style with box modeling.


early exploration

finally i created a simple spiral shape and derived variations of curls from it. then i repeatedly placed them on the base to achieve the final look.

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