the goal of this project was to recreate a movie scene with muppets. I chose the 'No Ragrats' tattoo scene from the movie We're the Millers, as it has interesting characters and great sense of humor.




the two characters in the scene have very different personalities. jason, the dad, acts smug and condescending. he thinks of himself above scotty (the guy with tattoos). hence i portrayed jason as a classy penguin with a hat and a bow. as for scotty, i wanted him to come off as a guy who is oblivious to the jokes poked at him. so i made his beanie oversized, covering his eyes, making him oblivious to things, literally!




i have always been fascinated by diner settings, they have a nice, retro feel to them. to mix things up, i decided to replace the dull, caravan scene with a diner. majority of my inspiration came from 'Pulp Fiction' and i used several shot from the movie for modeling and lighting references.

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